Microimprumut de 11 ani impreuna


Casa de Economii si Micorimprumut grants loans for all needs to the association members. The loans are very important for increasing the wealth of your family and achieving dreams. The loans may also be required for the establishment and development of a business, for increasing the living standards and solving possible financial problems of the family.  

The Loans granted by the  Casa de Economii si Micorimprumut give you the possibility to achieve your dreams today but not when you will have the necessary savings.

  The beneficiaries of loans of the Casa de Economii si Micorimprumut can be:

  • Legal persons, who want to create and grow their profits in businesses that don’t conflict with the legislation,
  • Individuals who wish to improve their living conditions or to solve a financial difficulty in order to achieve their dreams.
  • They became the members of the Savings and Loan Bank (paying an initial rate of 100 lei).

   The Casa de Economii si Micorimprumut grants:

  • Short-term loans - up to 1 year
  • Long-term –loans  up to 5 years.


  • The possibility to achieve today what we need to save years;
  • You can get the quick loan (up to 3 days);
  • No hidden fees (annual or monthly);
  • You can repay in advance without any charges;
  • It can be accessed any amount from 0 up to 800,000 MDL;
  • It can be received a loan up to 150,000 lei  without collateral (with guarantor);
  • The repayment schedule can be accommodated to customer's cash flow;
  • Minimum package of documents (the confirmation of incomes and the ID);
  • The second loan is received only with loan application.