Microimprumut de 11 ani impreuna


Maximum savings are an important way of increasing your family’s welfare and of safeguarding its future with a money reserve that you can trust. In addition you will have a profit which will constitute an additional monthly income foryour family.
Term deposits of Casa de Economii si Microimprumutare the solution that will bring you maximum safety and profit. We are with you.

Depositors of Casa de Economii si Microimprumut can be:
• Legal persons, who want to preserve and multiply their savings, as long as it does 
not contradict legislation,
• Individuals who wish to improve their living conditions or to build reserves for
   fulfilling their dreams.
• They will become members of the Savings and Loan House.

 Casa de Economii si Microimprumut accepts:
• Short-term deposits - up to 1 year
• Long-term deposits - up to 5 years.

• The possibility of capitalizing interest payments for a higherinterest rate
  (compounded interest);
• Indefinite or fixed terms depending on your plans;
• Zero fees for opening;
• Minimum balance of 300 lei depending on the product;
• Different amountsmay be submitted on the same contract;
• Part of the deposit may be withdrawn without loss of interest.