Microimprumut de 11 ani impreuna


There are few predicable  events in our life. And the happiest! The unpredictable events bring a certain insecurity that can be offset by a judicious plan to forbid you from mishaps, lack of money and many other possible negative effects that can affect your daily life.

Moreover, the insurances protect and others, giving them extra additional, financial and psychological comfort if something unexpected happens to you.

Savings and Loans "MICROÎMPRUMUT" offers an extensive package of insurances and protection of goods and persons, packages specifically created to answer to the most frequently questions that may arise from the uncertainty of tomorrow!

    Bancassurance activity gives to customers the possibility to access insurance products in the same office with financial products:

  • Liability insurance AUTO
  • Property insurance
  • Casco
  • Accident insurance
  • Faculty of Health INSURANCE